Ishihara Satomi Tops Goo’s Most Kissable Female Celebrity Ranking

Plump, pouty, duck mouth. Lips are one of the features that attract men to women, and it’s not any different for female celebrities. Who are the female celebrities that men want to kiss the most? Goo recently asked 500 people, half men and half women, this question.

Ishihara Satomi came out on top with 39.6% of the vote. The clear winner of the poll with nearly 40% of the vote, many men want to kiss the glamorous lips of Satomi. Men imagine them to be soft and stretchy.

Ayase Haruka placed second with 28.8% of the vote. Elegant, but humble, Haruka has lips that are noted for their shape, moderate plumpness, and sheen. The lips have a nice balance to them.

Aya Ueto rounded out the top 3 with 24.8% of the vote. Aya’s Fuji TV drama from last year, “Heijitsu ~Gogo 3 ji no Koibitotachi~”, brought new attention to her lips.

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1. Ishihara Satomi (39.6%)


2. Ayase Haruka (28.8%)


3. Aya Ueto (24.8%)


4. Keiko Kitagawa (21.6%)


5. Inoue Waka (20%)


6. Kojima Haruna (18.4%)


7. Igawa Haruka (17.2%)


8. Chiaki Kuriyama (14%)


9. Angelina Jolie (5.6%)


10. Matsuyuki Yasuko (4.8%)