Perfume’s A~chan rumored to be dating comedian Shigeo Takahashi

A~chan (27, real name Ayaka Nishiwaki), a member of the electro-pop trio Perfume, is strongly speculated to be dating Shigeo Takahashi (40) of the comedy duo Savanna. The rumors sparked in October last year, when the pair were seen shopping in the men’s section of Shinjuku Isetan, and even took separate selfies with a clerk at the store during their visit. Rumors recently reignited when the two were seen at an Ebisu-based exclusive yakiniku restaurant in mid-April, appearing to celebrate a birthday with A~chan’s mother, her sister Sayaka Nishiwaki (a member of idol group 9nine), and possibly one or both other Perfume members. They were photographed leaving the restaurant separately, as Takahashi had a filming schedule to attend.

Takahashi is a known fan of Perfume and was present at their Ametalk “Entertainers Who Love Perfume” TV special last year, even choosing other guests for the panel of celebrity fans. A~chan has also recently been appearing in the guest section at Savanna’s comedy shows, and is said to have been visiting backstage at them since last fall. Friends of the two are convinced they’re dating, but both their management offices have denied the rumor and state that they’re simply “good friends.”

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Selfies with Isetan store clerk

Netizen comments from Yahoo! News:

[+11889, -2471]
mai***** | 2016/05/25 17:12
They seem like friends from the article though
[+7535, -1591]
kag***** | 2016/05/25 17:13
It must be the pinnacle of happiness for a fan to date the idol or artist they support.
[+1733, -228]
luk***** | 2016/05/25 17:24
Even if they really are dating, as long as they were both single, I don’t see the problem.
Nishiwaki-san is already 27, so it isn’t at all unusual for her to have even one kind of romance.
[+1884, -326]
win***** | 2016/05/25 17:10
I wish them happiness.

But Savanna Takahashi… there’s something calculating about him that I don’t like lol

[+168, -15]
a_l***** |2016/05/25 17:59
^ Takahashi was Girls’ Generation’s fan before but abandoned them as soon as the K-pop boom was over,

then he said he’s always been Perfume’s fan…

That’s suspicious to me, I don’t like it

[+1249, -260]
mo7***** | 2016/05/25 17:23
This isn’t directly related, but I see Takahashi on TV and find myself wondering what he’d actually be like as a man if you dated him.
[+108, -33]
int****** | 2016/05/25 17:40
^ The way someone appears on TV isn’t how they are naturally, so he could be a dependable adult in private for all we know.

Girls Channel netizen comments:

[+1804, -19]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:09:29
Feels like less than what I expected
[+1258, -20]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:09:38
Why do famous people wear such lame clothes?
[+1164, -11]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:09:46
Why Takahashi…
[+1203, -9]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:09:51
Really unexpected couple
[+875, -29]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:10:20
I don’t know what anyone sees in Takahashi…

They don’t match as a couple

[+520, -58]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:10:21
If A~chan is happy, she can do whatever she wants
[+591, -26]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:10:31
He’s over ten years her senior, couldn’t A~chan have easily gotten a boyfriend her own age?
[+1306, -7]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:11:36
Takahashi was on Entertainers Who Love Perfume.
If he was a fan but got elevated to boyfriend status, that’s amazing.
[+1046, -24]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:12:01
I thought she was still going strong with [ONE OK ROCK’s] Taka~
A~chan, surely there were better options…
Takahashi is practically a joke
[+637, -69]
匿名 2016/05/25(水) 18:12:17
I think they suit each other well enough.
A~chan doesn’t have the kind of face to be with an actor and she seems friendly with Haruna from Harisenbon, so I always thought she’d probably be with a comedian or variety personality if dating rumors came out about her.

All info including netizen comment translations sourced from school of electro‘s writeup, repurposed for Arama with permission.


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