Ebisu Muscats to release first trading card collection

The culmination of high art that is gravure and AV actress idol group Ebisu Muscats are now going to be available to take home– in trading card form! The set’s official first series (yes, there’s going to be more!) releases in July.

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The information about the first series gathered so far (subject to change by release date) is that it will feature 124 cards in total, with

-54 regular cards
-18 special cards
-6 rare “direct autograph” cards
-6 rare “name kiss” cards
-1 type rare (6 patterns) of “genga bikini nama cheki” cards
-24 rare “pinsupo bikini” cards
-3 types of “W rare” “combi nama kiss” cards
-12 triple rare “pinsupo bikini all” cards

Here is the promotional picture:

You can pre-order the collector’s box already, which contains 12 packs of 6 cards, at the low price of 6,480 yen.

Can’t wait to see these being swapped around the school yard!

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