Momoiro Clover Z jacket photos for ‘MOON PRIDE’

Jacket photos from Momoiro Clover Z‘s newest single have finally been released! ‘MOON PRIDE‘ will be available worldwide on July 30th to about 120 countries on the iTunes Music Store. It will features the ending and opening themes for the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime, both by Momoiro Clover Z.

Along with a gorgeously composed photo of the idol group, there is also an Anime illustration produced by Toei Animation of Sailor Moon Crystal’s main characters.

The first episode of ‘SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL’ was broadcasted today! Check out our post to find out how to watch it internationally. The first volume of the series will be available as Blu-ray/DVD boxset on October 15th just in time for the holiday season. The deluxe version includes a lot of goodies any dedicated fan would love to own.

DELUXE edition bonuses

CD Track listing

  2. 月虹
  3. Moon Revenge
  4. MOON PRIDE(off vocal ver.)
  5. 月虹(off vocal ver.)
  6. Moon Revenge(off vocal ver.)