Alice Hirose glares in new Eye City CM with GLAY

Actress Alice Hirose stars in new CM for contact store Eye City‘s ‘Eye love summer!’ campaign. It features new song by GLAY ‘BLEEZE’ that will be released July 9th.

The CMs were added to television commercial rotation on the 1st along with digital and transit signs. In the videos, Alice displays her intense glare for a high-impact video. It is available in both a 15 and 30 second version on the Eye City official YouTube Channel, or you can just check it out below. It features art direction by famed photographer Mika Ninagawa (Sakura, Helter Skelter).

The song ‘BLEEZE’ from the CM is the title song from GLAY’s upcoming single ‘G4 III ~BLEEZE~’. It’s an exhilarating rock number newly written by TERU (Vo).