Nogizaka46 become “handsome men” for new CM

Girl group Nogizaka46 have transformed into “handsome men” in a brand new CM for Haruyama, a clothing brand that specializes in office wear attire. The CM is being used to promote the brands spring collection.

While Haruyama also offers women’s office wear, the Nogizaka girls actually wore items from the mens collection for the filming of the CM. Member Mai Shiraishi commented that she loved the “masculine” feeling of wearing a suit, and felt really cool. She especially had a good time filming with fellow member Sayuri Matsumura.

Nanase Nishino also participated in the CM. While everyone was getting ready in the dressing room she said the whole experience was a little surreal, it was almost like she really was in a dressing room filled with men! Overall she loved the experience however, sharing Shiraishi’s thoughts in finding everything cool.

The song used in the CM is a new track called Synchronicity, it is currently scheduled to be released as a single in April. Watch the CM and BTS footage below!