NGT48 Yuka Ogino snatches #1 spot in Preliminary Senbatsu Election Results

Every year, fans make their voices heard by voting for their favorite members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48, BNK48, and now this year STU48, at the Senbatsu elections.

Yesterday at the ninth annual AKB48 Senbatsu Election for AKB48’s 49th single, the fanbase was SHOOK at the preliminary results: NGT48 member Yuka Ogino shot up to the number one position with over 55,000 votes, towering over the 34,641 votes from #2 position SKE48 Matsui Jurina.

Last year, AKB48 Mayu Watanabe broke the voting records surpassing 42,000 votes on the first day, the highest number ever voted until now. These particular results come as an especial shock as Ogino barely broke into the 90s on the ranking last year.

Ogino joined AKB48 as a part-time AKB member on September 24, 2014 through a project sponsored by the part-time job company “Baitoru“. After some shifting around, she was drafted into NGT48 on May 10, 2015 and has since participated in various stages and singles.

According to NGT48 staff, Ogino is popular locally for her hard-working crybaby character and known for her perfectly aligned bangs.

For a member to participate in the Senbatsu Election, they must first have been an active member as of March 20, 2017. Eligible members that wanted to run for the election needed to submit an application available from March 25 to March 31 in order to participate.

From there, the top 16 members will be featured in the Senbatsu of the group’s 49th single (51th single overall).

Rank 2016 Member Vote
01 91 Yuka Ogino (NGT48) 55061
02 03 Jurina Matsui (SKE48) 34641
03 02 Rino Sashihara (HKT48) 32340
04 01 Mayu Watanabe (AKB48) 27614
05 Hinata Honma (NGT48) 25032
06 05 Akari Suda (SKE48) 24947
07 Moeka Takakura (NGT48) 21667
08 12 Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48) 21151
09 10 Juri Takahashi (AKB48) 17047
10 07 Nana Okada (AKB48) 16867
11 82 Yuuka Kato (NMB48) 12396
12 26 Yui Yokoyama (AKB48) 12031
13 21 Narumi Kuranoo (AKB48) 11961
14 15 Saya Kawamoto (AKB48) 11864
15 14 Ayaka Okita (NMB48) 11373
16 Satone Kubo (AKB48) 11363

The 17th to 32nd place members join Undergirls for the B-side track, the 33rd to 48th place members join the Next Girls unit for the 2nd B-side track, and the 49th to 64th place members join the Future Girls for the 3rd B-side track, while the 65th to 80th place members will join the Upcoming Girls unit for the 4th B-side track.

View the rest of the top 100 placements at the official AKB48 website.

These are just preliminary numbers. Voting opened on May 30, 2016 at 10:00 JST and will close on June 16, 2016 at 24:00 JST.

The AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo 〜Mazu wa Tatakaou! Hanashi wa Sorekara da〜 will be held on 17 June 2017 at Toyosaki Seaside Park, Toyosaki Villa SUN Beach in Tomigusuku, Okinawa Prefecture.

(via Hochi)