NGT48 Debuts Its First Generation Members

Back in January, it was announced that AKB48 would be adding another sister group to its family. That group would be named NGT48. The group is based in the city of Niigata. The NGT48 Theater will open on October 1. It is located on the 4th floor of the LoveLa Bandai 2 building.

Auditions for the first generation of NGT48 were held from April 5 – May 18. Out of the 5,850 girls who applied to be in the group, 22 were selected on July 25. They were joined by Kitahara Rie (of AKB48’s Team K), Kashiwagi Yuki (of AKB48’s Team B / NMB48’s Team N), and Baito AKB members Nishigata Marina & Ogino Yuka. Rie left AKB48 to become NGT48’s captain. Yuki left NMB48 for NGT48; she will continue to be a member of AKB48.

Today, the 22 girls of NGT48 who were not known were revealed to the public at an event in Niigata. They arrived at the venue via boat. They then introduced themselves to the public and performed a mini-live.

Meet the members of NGT48 after the jump!

Nishigata Marina


Ogino Yuka


Murakumo Fuka


Takakura Moeka


Honma Hinata


Hasagawa Rena


Seiji Reina


Kusakabe Aina


Oguma Tsugumi


Otaki Yuria


Yamada Noe


Yamaguchi Maho


Miyajima Aya


Mizusawa Ayaka


Nishimura Nanako


Nara Miharu


Nakamura Ayuka


Nakai Rika


Tano Ayaka


Takahashi Mau


Sugahara Riko


Sato Anju


Kado Yuria


Kato Minami