Yuzu unveil Live Music Video for “Hikare” + to release new concert DVD/Blu-ray

Popular folk-pop/rock duo Yuzu have published a Live Music Video for their song ‘Hikare’ to their official Youtube channel, the footage taken from their recent concert tour ‘YUZU ARENA TOUR 2014 Shinsekai’.  The live performance is considerably longer than the song would be normally, giving viewers a glimpse of both the tour’s stage design and the duo’s impressive showmanship.

Yuzu are set to release a new DVD and Blu-ray of their recent concert tour on November 26th of this year, the release including two discs of live footage.  The first disc, dubbed the ‘Retro Future Edition’ will present a specific set of lives in conjunction with CG animation, the presentation meant to be representative of the tour’s title and theme (‘New World’).  The second disc (the ‘Classic Edition’) will contain a more conventional set of lives from one of Yuzu’s concerts during the tour.

Take a look at the live performance of ‘Hikare’ and the track list for Yuzu’s new Live DVD / Blu-ray below.

-’LIVE FILMS Shinsekai’ Track List-

-Retro Future Edition-

Chapter 01 “Shinsekai”

  1. Utopia
  2. Retro Future
  3. Hyori Ittai
  4. Hikare
  5. Ame Nochi Hallelujah

Chapter 02 “Ai no ma Sekai”

  1. Ultra Lover Soul
  2. Yogiri no Isezaki-cho
  3. Koi no Kayoubi

Chapter 03 “Ee Janai ka Medley”

  1. T.W.L~Irotoridori~Shish Kebab~Choutokkyuu~Shounen~LOVE & PEACH~Ichigo~LOVE & PEACH~T.W.L

-Classic Edition-

  1. Opening
  2. Utopia
  3. Yonken Douro
  4. Sayonara Bus
  5. Getsuyoubi no Shuumatsu
  6. Aa, Seishun no Hibi
  7. Yorokobi no Uta
  8. Hidamari
  9. Smile Ondo
  10. Retro Future
  11. Hyori Ittai
  12. Sugao no Mama de
  13. Ee Janai ka Medley (T.W.L~Irotoridori~Shish Kebab~Choutokkyuu~Shounen~LOVE & PEACH~Ichigo~LOVE & PEACH~T.W.L)
  14. Hikare


  1. Natsuiro
  2. Ame Nochi Hallelujah
  3. Eikou no Kakehashi

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