Yasutaka Nakata to appear at film festival, CAPSULE album info still delayed

As revealed on CAPSULE’s official website, Yasutaka Nakata (member of CAPSULE and music producer of Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) is scheduled to make an appearance at the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival. He will be presenting the sci-fi film Appleseed Alpha which saw video and digital releases this past summer and carries the main theme “Depth” that Nakata himself contributed. The illustrious festival takes place in Roppongi Hills between October 23rd-31st this year, and Nakata’s appearance will occur on the 28th. The movie’s director Aramaki Shinji is also expected to appear.

In additional news, after over two months of no further updates on the previously announced 2014 album release, the official site of electronic duo CAPSULE┬árecently updated the header image to a new version of the “album coming soon” advertisement (pictured), possibly indicating that their 15th original album will indeed be released before the year is up or that it may be delayed until 2015. This comes on the back of significant fan speculation regarding the feasibility of an album release within 2014 and after the magazine MARQUEE recently revealed that work for the album was still not complete. Stay tuned for further updates in the near future.