Yuzu to release two new EPs in two consecutive weeks

Following up on the success of their recent Best album, folk-pop duo Yuzu have announced that they will be releasing two brand new four-song EPs in June.  The first, titled “Utaou”, will be released on June 21st, while the latter, titled “4LOVE”, will be released the following week on June 28th.

“Utaou” is an EP designed around the theme of acoustic tracks and will include both their News Zero theme “Canaria” and their previously released digital single “Tatta”.  “4LOVE” is composed of four songs intended to each show a different side of the concept of ‘love’ and will include their newly revealed Ito-En CM song “Ai Koso”.

You’ll find the covers and track listings for both EPs, as well as previews for lead songs “Canaria” and “Ai Koso” below.


-’Utaou’ Track List-


  1. Canaria
  2. Tatta
  3. Tengoku
  4. Hodogaya Bypass
  5. Canaria (Instrumental)

-’4LOVE’ Track List-


  1. Ai Koso
  2. Nichijou
  3. Beach
  4. Lonely Country Boy
  5. Ai Koso (Instrumental)
  6. Nichijou (Instrumental)
  7. Beach (Instrumental)
  8. Lonely Country Boy (Instrumental)

(via natalie)