Yuzu give us a glimpse of the future in Music Video for “Kakeru”

This week well-known folk/pop duo Yuzu made their new song “Kakeru” available for download on all of the major digital platforms in Japan.  The track is currently being used as the CM song for Nippon Life Insurance, the fourth in their series of collaborations with the company, and features Taiyo Doki of the band LILI LIMIT on electric guitar, with famed record producer tofubeats serving as its beat and rhythm conductor.

A PV for “Kakeru” was also uploaded to the group’s official Youtube channel, the video transporting us to Tokyo’s Shibuya distict in the year 2025.  In this world, the signs that dominate the city’s skyline display numbers and other faceless symbols rather than words; the MV follows the efforts of a courageous young woman (Sugisaki Hana) who attempts to right this wrong, the police dogging her every step.  These thrilling scenes are intercut with shots of Yuzu performing atop a building in this Shibuya, the innovative camerawork handled almost entirely by drone.

You’ll find the exciting music video for “Kakeru” just below the cut, so please don’t hesitate to read on.

(via natalie)