YUKI to Release New Best Album

YUKI is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of her solo debut. As part of this celebration, she will release a new best album, “Suteki na 15 Sai”, on January 31. This is YUKI’s first best album since her 10th anniverasary best album, 2012’s “POWERS OF TEN.”

“Suteki na 15 Sai” will pick up where “POWERS OF TEN” left off, with the single released three months after that album, “Play Ball / Sakamichi no Melody.” YUKI’s new best album will contain all the singles released since then up to her most recent single, this past November’s “Flag wo Tatero.” The album will close with three new songs, plus a demo.

With “Suteki na 15 Sai”, YUKI ends the Sony portion of her career, and looks to begin anew.

Check out more information on YUKI’s new best album below!

1. プレイボール (Play Ball)
2. 坂道のメロディ (Sakamichi no Melody)
3. わたしの願い事 (Watashi no Negaigoto)
5. 誰でもロンリー (Daredemo Lonely)
6. 好きってなんだろう…涙 (Sukitte Nandarou… Namida)
7. となりのメトロ (Tonari no Metro )
8. tonight
9. ポストに声を投げ入れて (Post ni Koe wo Nageirete)
10. さよならバイスタンダー (Sayonara Bystander)
11. フラッグを立てろ (Flag wo Tatero)
12. ダーリン待って (Darling Matte)
13. I love you
14. 穴 (Ana)
15. 手紙 (デモ) (Tegami (Demo))

Limited Edition DVD
1.「フラッグを立てろ」ミュージックビデオ (Flag wo Tatero (Music Video))