Yuki Moeko’s Debut to Feature Collaborations with Kawatani Enon and Kanno Yoko

Warner Music Japan has a new act on its roster! Her name is Yuki Moeko and she will make her major label debut with the single “innocent moon” on August 28. The single will contain four songs, all of which will feature lyrics by Gesu no Kiwami Otome. / indigo la End‘s Kawatani Enon. He’s also in charge of composition on all of the songs, with one being a co-composition with his Gesu no Kiwami Otome. bandmate Chan MARI. That song, “Kofuku Ame”, is also arranged by Chan MARI.

Moeko recently released the music video for her single’s opening track, “Sayonara Watashi no Seishun.” This song was arranged by Kanno Yoko. “Sayonara Watashi no Seishun” is a nice melding of Enon and Yoko’s sounds. Check out the video below, along with more information on Moeko’s single!

結城萌子「innocent moon」ジャケット
  1. さよなら私の青春 (Sayonara Watashi no Seishun)
  2. 散々花嫁 (Sanzan Hanayome)
  3. 幸福雨 (Kofuku Ame)
  4. 元恋人よ (Moto Koibito yo)