FAKY Deliver Girl Power with New Music Video “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE”

Girl group FAKY has unveiled the music video for “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE” —the first release from their newly-proposed “Girl Power” single trilogy.

The song is a pop tune with a slight tinge of 90s R&B. It was co-written by group members Akina & Lil’ Fang, Noonie Bao, frequent collaborator to Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen, Thomas Troelsen, who has penned countless hits for K-Pop group SHINee, and Adam Pallin.

This release introduces two new members Hina and Taki, following the departure of former leader Anna in December 2018.

Faky’s new digital single “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE” is available for sale on the iTunes Store and on streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, and AWA.