Yayoi Daimon Goes Viral on Twitter With New Twerk Anthem “#KETSUFURE”

Rapper Yayoi Daimon‘s new release “#KETSUFURE” shakes up the status quo and has amassed more than 20,000 likes on Twitter in the past few days. Some may say it’s for less than desirable reasons (one of those reasons being cultural appropriation call outs), but attention’s attention.

The twerk anthem from the self-identified Feminist Dance Hall Queen implores Grandma, Grandpa, and all the other party animals to join in and “Twerk Dat A**” in whichever direction wherever they may be, whether it be on the train or at the local FamilyMart.

The music video kindly offers close captioning in both Japanese and English to further spread Yayoi Daimon’s message around the world.

Warning: The video (obviously) explores buttock imagery and features former CyberJapan Dancers member Yurisa shaking her’s.

Yayoi Daimon is encouraging fans to get in on the fun and post videos of them and their friends twerking to the song by proposing the new hashtag #KETSUFURECHALLENGE. Link your entry to the challenge below!