Yasuyuki Okamura to release New Album “Misao”

Singer/songwriter Yasuyuki Okamura released a new studio album, titled “Misao”, this week on April 1st. This marks Okamura’s first new longplay since 2016’s “Koufuku” and includes nine songs from the veteran performer.

Notable for their inclusion are “Step Up LOVE” and “MacGuffin”, Okamura’s collaborations with DAOKO and RHYMESTER respectively. The record’s Deluxe Edition features a special paper jacket, an original sacoche bag, and a second CD containing a selection of covers from Okamura’s live shows in the 2010s.

You’ll find the cover and track list for “Misao” right after the jump.

-’Misao’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Seikou to Zasetsu
  2. Interior
  3. Step Up LOVE
  4. Sexy Sniper
  5. Shounen Saturday
  6. Enryo Naku Aishite yo
  7. MacGuffin
  8. Laser Beam Girl
  9. Sekirara na Hodo Yamashiku

(via okamurayasuyuki.info)