UA, Naruyoshi Kikuchi reunite for live jazz album

Saxophonist Naruyoshi Kikuchi and singer UA have teamed up once again for cure jazz reunion, a new live recording of their critically acclaimed collaboration cure jazz released eight years ago.

The new album features audio selected from their shows at Sakurazaka Theater in Okinawa on March 7th and Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo on April 3rd. Band members Masayasu Tzboguchi (piano; Tokyo Zawinul Bach, Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden), Masato Suzuki (bass; LITTLE CREATURES), and Nobuo Fujii (drums; Tokyo Zawinul Bach) have all reprised their roles from the original studio version recorded in 2006, joined by Pardon Kimura as live PA.

It will be released in SACD hybrid format on September 3rd.

cure jazz reunion

  1. Amaiyu
  2. Ordinary fool
  3. Born to be blue
  4. Night in Tunisia
  5. Music on the planet where dawn never breaks
  6. Over the rainbow
  7. Hymn of Lambarene
  8. This city is too jazzy to be in love
  9. I’ll be seeing you

Watch a short documentary following UA and Kikuchi’s first meeting since the album’s release and subsequent live rehearsal presented by JAZZ WEEK TOKYO 2014 below:

(via Natalie)