Tokyo Jihen to Release First New Album in a Decade

On June 9, Tokyo Jihen will release their new album, “Ongaku.” This is the band’s first new album since 2011’s “Daihakken.” Tokyo Jihen has spent the last two years working on this album, which will include the previously released digital singles “Aka no Doumei”, “Ao no ID”, “Inochi no Tobari”, “Yaminaru Shiro”, and “Ryokushu.”

“Ongaku” will be released in two versions, a 2CD+Photobook limited edition and CD only regular edition. The second CD of the limited edition will feature the three songs that appeared on the “Aka no Doumei” digital single. The limited edition’s photobook, “Shigotochu”, is 40 pages long.

Ahead of the release of “Ongaku”, Tokyo Jihen has released the music video for “Ryokushu”, which was released in March. The song serves as the ending theme for the TV Tokyo show “World Business Satellite.” The video was directed by the band’s frequent collaborator / Ringo’s boyfriend, Kodama Yuichi. Check it out below, along with more information on Tokyo Jihen’s new album!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



  1. 孔雀 (Kujaku)
  2. 毒味 (Dokumi)
  3. 紫電 (Shiden)
  4. 命の帳 (Inochi no Tobari)
  5. 黄金比 (Ougonhi)
  6. 青のID (Ao no ID)
  7. 闇なる白 (Yaminaru Shiro)
  8. 赤の同盟 (Aka no Doumei)
  9. 銀河民 (Gingamin)
  10. 獣の理 (Kemono no Ri)
  11. 緑酒 (Ryokushu)
  12. 薬漬 (Kusurizuke)
  13. 一服 (Ippuku)

Limited Edition CD2 “赤の同盟” (“Aka no Doumei”)

  1. 赤の同盟 (Aka no Doumei)
  2. 名実共に (Meijitsu Tomoni)
  3. 玉座の罠 (Gyokuza no Wana)