TK from Ling Tosite Sigure reveals all of the details about his New Album “Sainou”

Back in January we reported that singer/songwriter TK from Ling Tosite Sigure would be releasing his fourth full-length album this spring. It has since been confirmed that this longplay, titled “Sainou”, will be released on April 15th.

“Sainou” will include new mixes of TK’s previously released tracks “katharsis”, “melt”, “moving on”, “Chou no Tobu Suisou”, “memento”, and “P.S. RED I”, as well as seven new songs for a total of 13. Of note, the jacket artwork for the album was drawn by mangaka Sui Ishida, known primarily for Tokyo Ghoul.

Read on below to find this cover and the complete track list for “Sainou”.

-’Sainou’ Track List-

  • CD 1
  1. Sainou -Sui Side-
  2. katharsis (sainou mix)
  3. In Fiction
  4. Tsuru no Shikaeshi
  5. melt (sainou mix)
  6. moving on (sainou mix)
  7. Chou no Tobu Suisou (sainou mix)
  8. reframe
  9. memento (sainou mix)
  10. Katatsu
  11. Bonnou
  12. P.S. RED I (sainou mix)
  13. copy light
  • CD 2 (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Bi-Phase Brain -R side @ 2019.12.23 Bunkamura Orchard Hall

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