Thelma Aoyama to Release New Mini Album “PINK TEARS”

Last September, Thelma Aoyama released a male-themed mini album titled “GRAY SMOKE.” Now, she’s set to release a female companion piece. It is titled “PINK TEARS” and will be released on April 27. It deals with the “tears” of women, and sees Thelma collaborating with several female artists. Some of the collaborators include 14 year old fashionista MAPPY and columnist LiLy.

Thelma will have 2 other releases on April 27. She’ll be releasing a package that combines “GRAY SMOKE” and “PINK TEARS”, titled “SMOKE & TEARS.” She’ll also be releasing a new best album, “LOVE! ~SPECIAL~” It will feature songs from 2 of her previous best albums, “LOVE! ~THELMA LOVE SONG COLLECTION~” and “LOVE! 2 -THELMA BEST COLLABORATIONS-.”

Thelma has released a teaser for “PINK TEARS” which can be seen after the jump!