Thelma Aoyama to Release New Album on Her Birthday

Thelma Aoyama turns 34 on October 27. On this day, she will also release her new album “Scorpion Moon.” This is her first album since July 2018’s “HIGHSCHOOL GAL.”

The album will include the previously released digital singles “1LDK”, “Ikiteru Dake de Gohobi”, and “Yours Forever”, her collaboration with queer artist Aisho Nakajima.

“Scorpion Moon” will come in a CD+DVD limited edition and a CD only regular edition, with the limited edition’s DVD featuring music videos and live performance footage.

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Limited Edition

青山テルマ「Scorpion Moon」初回限定盤ジャケット

Regular Edition

青山テルマ「Scorpion Moon」通常盤ジャケット


  1. Yours Forever feat. Aisho Nakajima
  2. 1LDK
  3. stay with me
  4. tonight -interlude-
  5. too late
  6. daijyobu
  7. キミノトナリ (Kimi no Tonari)
  9. F ME -interlude-
  10. BOi ByE
  11. No No No
  12. life goes on
  13. 生きてるだけでご褒美 (Ikiteru Dake de Gohobi)

Limited Edition DVD
Music Video
・生きてるだけでご褒美 (Ikiteru Dake de Gohobi)
・Yours Forever feat. Aisho Nakajima
・stay with me

Live Video
・ONIGIRI @ Family Fes 2021.08.26
・一生仲間 @ Family Fes 2021.08.26 (Isshou Nakama @ Family Fes 2021.08.26)

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