Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to Release First New Album in 3 Years

On October 27, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will release her fifth album “Candy Racer.” This is Kyary’s first album since September 2018’s “Japamyu.”

The album will include the previously released digital singles “Kimi ga Ii ne Kuretara”, “Kamaitachi”, “Gum Gum Girl”, and “Genten Kaihi.” It will also include a cover of CAPSULE’s 2004 song “world fabrication.”

“Candy Racer” will come in a limited edition and a regular edition, with the limited edition including a 64 page flip book.

Check out more information on Kyary’s new album below!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

  1. DE.BA.YA.SHI. 2021
  2. キャンディーレーサー (Candy Racer)
  3. どどんぱ (Dodonpa)
  4. かまいたち (Kamaitachi)
  5. 原点回避 (Genten Kaihi)
  6. きみがいいねくれたら (Kimi ga Ii ne Kuretara) 
  7. ガムガムガール (Gum Gum Girl)
  8. パーフェクトおねいさん (Perfect Oneisan)
  9. じゃんぴんなっぷ (Jumping Up)
  10. 夏色フラワー (Natsuiro Flower)
  11. world fabrication