THE NOVEMBERS Release New Album “Hallelujah”

THE NOVEMBERS are currently celebrating their 11th anniversary. This might seem like an odd anniversary to celebrate, but seeing as how the month the band is named after is the 11th one of the year, it makes sense. As part of this celebration, the band is releasing their sixth album, “Hallelujah”, on September 21. “Hallelujah” will include the band’s digital single “Kuroi Niji”, which was released this past July. Check out more information on the album below!

1. Hallelujah
2. 黒い虹 (Kuroi Niji)
3. 1000年 (1000 nen)
4. 美しい火 (Utsukushii Hi)
5. 愛はなけなし (Ai wa Nakenashi)
6. 風 (Kaze)
7. 時間さえも年老いて (Jikan Sae mo Toshioite)
8. !!!!!!!!!!!
9. ただ遠くへ (Tada Toku e)
10. あなたを愛したい (Anata wo Aishitai)
11. いこうよ (Ikou yo)