Supergroup METAFIVE to release their First Full Album in January

Electronic fusion act METAFIVE have announced that their first studio album “META” will be available in stores starting on January 13th of next year.  METAFIVE are a supergroup of sorts, their line-up consisting of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Takahashi Yukihiro, famous producer Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), former Denki Groove member Sunahara Yoshinori, renowned DJ TOWA TEI, multi-instrumentalist Gondo Tomohiko, and singer/songwriter Leo Imai.

While initially formed as a live-focused act in early 2014, METAFIVE have subsequently carried out irregular activities which have culminated in the creation of their long-awaited first album.  This release will be composed of 12 songs in total, including a new version of their previously released song “Split Spirit” and a cover of TOWA TEI’s “Radio”.

You’ll find the full track list for “META” right after the cut, so please do read on below.

-’META′ Track List-

  1. Don’t Move
  2. Luv U Tokio
  3. Maisie’s Avenue
  4. Albore
  5. Gravetrippin’
  6. Anodyne
  7. Disaster Baby
  8. Radio (META Version)
  9. W.G.S.F.
  10. Split Spirit (META Version)
  11. Whiteout h
  12. Threads

(via natalie)