KANA-BOON and Scenarioart Release PVs for Their Themes for “Subete ga F ni Naru THE PERFECT INSIDER”

On October 8, Fuji TV premiered its new anime series, “Subete ga F ni Naru THE PERFECT INSIDER.” It is based on Mori Hiroshi’s 1996 book of the same name. The anime’s opening theme, “talking”, is by KANA-BOON and its closing theme, “Nana Hitsuji”, is by Scenarioart. These 2 bands will release their themes together on a split single titled “talking / Nana Hitsuji” on November 11.

“talking / Nana Hitsuji” will come in 3 editions: a CD+DVD Limited Edition A, a CD+DVD Limited Edition B, and a CD only Regular Edition. The DVD that comes with Limited Edition A will feature concert footage from KANA-BOON and Scenarioart. Limited Edition B’s DVD will feature the anime’s opening and closing videos without credits.

Today, both KANA-BOON and Scenarioart released the music videos for their respective theme songs. The videos for both songs are linked to each other. They are mysterious clips that deal with cloning and imprisonment. Each band makes an appearance in the other band’s video. Check them out after the jump, along with the single’s covers and tracklists!

Limited Edition A

1. talking / KANA-BOON
2. ナナヒツジ (Nana Hitsuji) / Scenarioart
3. ぬけがら (Nukegara) / KANA-BOON
4. トワノマチ (Towa no Machi) / Scenarioart

KANA-BOON “KANA-BOON no True True Come True TOUR 2015 ~Yume no Arena hen~”
1. タイムアウト (Timeout) (at Osaka-jo Hall)
2. Osakajo Hall Kouen Documentary & Interview
3. True True Come True MC Osaka-jo Hall hen)
4. 日本武道館公演ドキュメンタリー&インタビュー
5. パレード (Parade) (at Osaka-jo Hall)

Scenarioart “20150703 at ebisu LIQUIDROOM ‘One-Man Tour 2015 [Scene #1] -Happy Umbrella-‘”
6. アオイコドク (Aoi Kodoku)
7. フユウ (Fuyuu)
8. ナイトレインボー (Night Rainbow)


Limited Edition B

01. talking / KANA-BOON
02. ナナヒツジ (Nana Hitsuji) / Scenarioart
04. ホシドケイ (Hoshidokei) / Scenarioart

1. “Subete ga F ni Naru THE PERFECT INSIDER” No-Credit Opening Film
2. “Subete ga F ni Naru THE PERFECT INSIDER” No-Credit Ending Film


Regular Edition

1. talking / KANA-BOON
2. ナナヒツジ (Nana Hitsuji) / Scenarioart
3. ぬけがら (Nukegara) / KANA-BOON
4. トワノマチ (Towa no Machi) / Scenarioart


KANA-BOON – talking


Scenarioart – Nana Hitsuji


KANA-BOON individual promo picture


Scenarioart individual promo picture