Spring has come again! Seiko Matsuda releases “Haru no Kaze Sasowarete” PV

Put a coin in the jukebox, take a seat in Seiko’s Diner and be ready to be served a bop by none other than eternal idol Seiko Matsuda herself. The new pop number “Haruno Kaze Sasowarete -Spring Has Come Again-” is on today’s menu.

At 55 years young, Miss Matsuda delivers a retro look inspired by 50’s Americana (complete with blonde white people as patrons!!). In the video, she serves youthful looks in her baby pink gingham waitress outfit, and who needs a face lift when you’ve got your curled ponytail to keep your face looking SNATCHED?

Haruno Kaze Sasowarete – Spring Has Come Again –” is a track from Matsuda’s latest album “Daisy“.

“Daisy” tracklist

  1. Haruno Kaze Sasowarete -Spring Has Come Again-
  2. Tomodachide Koibitoga It’s A Wanderful -Shake It !! Baby-
  3. Ima wo Aishitai
  4. Anataeno Ai
  5. Watashi Koishiteru
  6. Watashino Ashitae
  7. “Gomenne” Nante Iwanaide
  8. Anata Propose Tonight
  9. Daisy wo Kimini
  10. Bara no younisaite Sakura no Younichitte

With this album release, Seiko Matsuda brings her 51st album with ten new “wanderful” songs total.

Daisy” is released today to music stores nationwide in three versions.