SKY-HI Gets Emotional on “Chronograph”

On May 11, SKY-HI will release his new solo single, “Chronograph.” He recently the music video for the song. It shows the softer, more emotional side of the rapper. In this song, he not only raps, but also sings. The track retains a hip hop feel, but a softer version of it, featuring piano. Check out the clip after the jump, along with the single’s tracklist!

1. クロノグラフ (Chronograph)
2. Front Line
3. クロノグラフ (Chronograph) (Instrumental)
4. Front Line (Instrumental)
5. クロノグラフ (Chronograph) (Acappella)
6. Front Line (Acappella)

DVD -Music Video Edition-
1. クロノグラフ (Chronograph) (Music Video)
2. クロノグラフ (Chronograph) (Music Video Making)

DVD -LIVE Edition-
1. SKY-HI HALL TOUR 2016 ~Ms. Libertyを探せ~ ツアーメイキング映像 (SKY-HI HALL TOUR 2016 ~Ms. Liberty wo Sagase~ Making Film)