Seiko Oomori on the street of New York for “Imitation Girl” MV

Collaborating with Miss ID as a guest vocal and appearance, Seiko Oomori delivers Imitation Girl, one of the tracks of her new major debut album Sennou which already released on 12/3. This time, it’s an upbeat song with Seiko being in the street of New York while the idol group Miss ID painting each other’s t-shirt in Seiko’s apartment.

Miss ID are winners of Kodansha sponsored contest to find the “It girl” of tomorrow, they can be a model, actress, musician or cosplay nerd, one of them is ViVi model Tina Tamashiro. Check out the music video and more detail about Sennou after the jump.

Sennou Tracklist

M1:Zettai Zetsubou Zekkouchou
M2:Imitation Girl
M3:Kyuru Kyuru
M4:Nostalgic J-Pop
M5:Nanachan no Saisei Kouza
M6:Kodomo Janai mon 17
M7:Noroi wa Mizuiro
M8:Rock n Roll Paradise
M9:Watashi wa Omoshiroi Zettai Omoshiroi Tabun
M10:Kiss me, Kill me
M11:Yakiniku Date
M12:Date wa Yameyou
M13:Omake ♡ ~ Super Free Pop ~


type▲ (CD)



type★ (CD+DVD)

1. Zettai Zetsubou Zekkouchou (Music Video)
2. Nostalgic J-pop (Music Video)
3. Major debut  documentary


type■ (CD+DVD)

2013.10.3 Seiko Oomori & The Pink Tokarev “2-kakan de Chou Tanoshii Jigoku o ­ Tsukuru Houhou” Tokyo Kinema Club live video

80 pages of photos taken in New York by Sanai Masafumi

(Via Seiko Omori official youtube channel)