RHYMESTER Releases PV for “Galapogos”

On July 29, RHYMESTER is set to release their new album, “Bitter, Sweet & Beautiful.” This is the group’s first album since 2013’s “Dirty Science.” The album features production by the likes of BACHLOGIC, PUNPEE, and KREVA. PUNPEE also features on 2 of the songs.

RHYMESTER recently released the music video for the album’s 9th track, the BACHLOGIC-produced “Galapagos.” In the clip, the members of RHYMESTER play scientists. The music video features cameos from SALU, NORIKIYO, and DJ Izo. Check it out after the jump, along with the cover and tracklist for the album!

1. Beautiful – Intro
2. フットステップス・イン・ザ・ダーク (Footsteps in the Dark)
3. Still Changing
4. Kids In The Park feat. PUNPEE
5. ペインキラー (Painkiller)
6. Beautiful – Interlude
8. モノンクル (Mononcle)
9. ガラパゴス (Galapagos)
10. The X-Day
11. Beautiful
12. 人間交差点 (Ningen Kosaten)
13. サイレント・ナイト (Silent Night)
14. マイクロフォン (Microphone)

Limited Edition DVD / Blu-ray
1. Still Changing (Music Video)
2. 人間交差点 (Ningen Kosaten) (Music Video)
3. 6 minutes of #nkfes (Ningen Kosaten 2015 Digest Film)
4. SOMINSAI feat. PUNPEE (Ningen Kosaten 2015)