RHYMESTER to Release New Album “Danceable”

On September 6, RHYMESTER will release their new album, “Danceable.” The album was given its name based on the the fact that RHYMESTER feels as if this is a hip hop album that will get people moving. This album comes a little more than two years after RHYMESTER’s last album, “Bitter, Sweet & Beautiful.”

“Danceable” features production by the likes of DJ WATARAI, mabanua, BACHLOGIC, and Horigome Takaki of KIRINJI. The album will be released in three versions: a CD+Blu-ray limited edition A, a CD+DVD limited edition B, and a CD only regular edition.

RHYMESTER recently released the music video for their mabanua collaboration, “Future Is Born.” Both the song and video take it back to hip hop’s roots in the 80s. Check it out below, along with more information on RHYMESTER’s new album!


1. スタイル・ウォーズ (Style Wars)
2. Future Is Born feat. mabanua
3. Back & Forth
4. 梯子酒 (Hashigo Zake)
5. Don’t Worry Be Happy
6. ゆれろ (Yurero)
7. 爆発的 feat. サイプレス上野 & HUNGER (GAGLE) (Bakuhatsuteki  feat. Cypress Ueno & HUNGER (GAGLE))
8. Diamonds feat. KIRINJI
9. カミング・スーン (Coming Soon)
10. マイクの細道 (Mic no Hosomichi)

Limited Edition A Blu-ray / Limited Edition B DVD
1. KING OF STAGE VOL. 12「Bitter, Sweet & Beautiful」Release Tour 2015 東京<小箱セット>追加公演 (KING OF STAGE VOL. 12 “Bitter, Sweet & Beautiful” Release Tour 2015 Tokyo<Kobako Set>Tsuika Koen)
2. 「人間交差点」Live Version (#nkfes 2017 All Cast Special Digest) (“Ningen Kosaten” Live Version (#nkfes 2017 All Cast Special Digest))


Future Is Born