Quruli to release New Album “Tensai no Ai” in April

Alternative rock trio Quruli have announced that they will be releasing a new full-length album titled “Tensai no Ai” on April 28th. This record comes two-and-a-half years after the group’s previous studio album “songline” and will be their thirteenth such release together.

“Tensai no Ai” will include the band’s previously released tracks “Masurao-san”, “Osaka Banpaku”, and “Koto Koto Kotoden”, as well as eight new songs for a total of 11. Particularly notable among these are the detail-driven album opener “I Love You” and the gorgeously melodic “Shiokaze no Aria”.

Read on below to find the cover and track list for “Tensai no Ai”.

-‘Tensai no Ai’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. I Love You
  2. Shiokaze no Aria
  3. Yakyuu
  4. Masurao-san
  5. Nylon
  6. Osaka Banpaku
  7. watituti
  8. less than love
  9. Nagisa
  10. Koto Koto Kotoden (feat. Ayaka Tatamino)
  11. Fizzle

(via natalie)