Seiko Oomori posts ‘Kyurukyuru’ dance video with Nihon Elekiteru Rengo

Following the announcement of her new Parco campaign, faux-idol Seiko Oomori has posted a short choreography video for debut single ‘Kyurukyuru’ on her YouTube channel.

It features backup dancers from popular comedy duo Nihon Elekiteru Rengo. She then played Mibojin Akemi-Chan’s part in the viral ‘Dame yo~ Dame Dame’ skit (but Akemi-Chan was having NONE of that).

Check out the dance video and her single cover by Mika Ninagawa below.

The cover to this single will include cover photography by noted fashion photographer Mika Ninagawa. In a very typical Ninagawa color palette, Oomori is wearing a light blue dress and looking firmly at the camera. No one can get in the way of her debut!

‘Kyurukyuru’ comes out September 18th