NMB48’s Watanabe Miyuki Channels 80’s super idol Matsuda Seiko in debut solo single

SKE48/ NMB48’s Watanabe Miyuki has released the music video for debut solo single “Yasashiku Yori Kiss wo Shite” (Instead of being kind to me, Kiss me), slated to drop on December 24. Watanabe was granted a solo debut after winning AKB48 5th Janken Tournament held in Spetember.

The single cover also shows Watanabe with a “Seiko-chan” cut, a hairstyle popular in the 80s, the golden age of solo idols and donning Matsuda Seiko’s famous “Burriko” expression. The music video is set in the 80’s, showing Watanabe aspiring to become an idol. In the PV, she wears different costumes such as idol costumes, uniform, maid cafe, summer and winter dresses. Also, the number “71” used in the audition scene was actually the number she used during her auditions.

Check out her new music video and single details below.





“Yasashiku Yori Kiss wo Shite” TRACKLIST

CD Tracklist

  1. Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss wo Shite
  2. Harukaze Pianissimo (春風ピアニッシモ; Spring Breeze Pianissimo)
  3. Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss wo Shite off vocal ver.
  4. Harukaze Pianissimo off vocal ver.

DVD Tracklist

  1. Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss wo Shite Music Video
  2. Harukaze Pianissimo Music Video

“Harukaze Pianissimo”
(Center: Kojima Haruna)

  • AKB48 Team A: Kojima Haruna (2nd), Nakanishi Chiyori (16th)
  • AKB48 Team K: Uchida Mayumi (10th), Nagao Mariya (7th), Miyazaki Miho (5th)
  • AKB48 Team B: Owada Nana (8th), Kawamoto Saya (3rd)
  • AKB48 Team 4: Iwatate Saho (4th), Okada Nana (14th), Sato Kiara (12th)
  • AKB48 Team B / NMB48 Team N: Kashiwagi Yuki (15th)
  • SKE48 Team KII: Arai Yuki (13th)
  • NMB48 Team N / AKB48 Team 4: Kotani Riho (6th)
  • NMB48 Team M: Azuma Yuki (9th)
  • HKT48 Team KIV / AKB48 Team B: Tomonaga Mio (11th)


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