LAMP IN TERREN release understated and gorgeous PV for “Ryokusenkou”

Young up-and-coming rock band LAMP IN TERREN have just revealed the music video for their newest song “Ryokusenkou” (“Green Flash”), and what a beautiful pairing they are.  The PV finds this slow-burning ballad set to scenes of the band playing on a lantern-lit beach with the lights of a nearby city just over the horizon, all of this luminescence blurring together to form a brilliant collage of colors.

“Ryokusenkou” is the lead track off of the band’s major debut album “silver lining”, which is set to release next month on January 14th on Amuse’s A-Sketch record label.  While there appear to be no plans to tour for the release at the moment, LAMP IN TERREN are set to hold a live performance two days after the album’s release at the LIQUIDROOM with fellow label-mates THE ORAL CIGARETTES and Frederic.

You’ll find the music video for “Ryokusenkou” and the full track list for “silver lining” right after the jump, so please don’t hesitate to read on.

-’silver lining’ Track List-

  1. L-R
  2. send me
  3. Crybaby
  4. Remember
  5. Ryokusenkou
  6. Gold Lose
  7. balloon