Kana Nishino begins massive dome tour, announces new single and album

Over the weekend Kana Nishino kicked off the beginning of her dome tour celebrating her 10th anniversary year. Titled “Kana Nishino Dome Tour 2017 Many Thanks“, the first dates were held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka. She performed two shows in total at Kyocera and will perform another two shows at Tokyo Dome in September. Once the Tokyo Dome lives are complete Nishino will officially be the youngest solo female artist to hold concerts in both of those venues.

The concept of the tour is a garden party. To achieve this the stage has an extended runway decorated as a footpath with lush green grass. The runway then leads to the main stage where it’s adorned with various beautiful flowers and tress. Parts of the stage also move which allows the audience to get a closer look at the songstress.

Nishino drew over 35,000 fans just for the opening date, along with her many signature hits Nishino surprised the crowd with a performance of her upcoming single “Te Wo Tsunagu Riyuu“. The new single is a soothing love song, Nishino described the track as a reflection of her love for making music, and the gratitude towards every single person that gave her support over the years. She further commented by saying “my wish is to always cherish this connection I have with you

Furthermore, Kana announced the release of her 7th studio album “LOVE it“. Nishino made her debut in December 2007 with the digital single “I~Merry Christmas ver.~” and has gone on to become one of the most successful female soloists of the past decade. Last year she won one of the most coveted prizes in the industry by taking home “Best Artist” at the Japan Record Awards.

“Te Wo Tsunagu Riyuu” will be released on October 18th, while “LOVE it” will come out on November 15th.