New teaser video showing footage from BoA’s promo events this era

Avex has released a video to promote BoA’s 8th album ‘Who’s Back?‘ compiling her promotion events from all the singles on this album.

This new video includes footage of all BoA’s promotional events this era, like the “catch the Tail of Hope” campaign with ‘Tail of Hope’, the “MESSAGE FROM BoA” campaign with ‘Message/Call my name’ played with live instrumentation on a bus, “Only One Cocktail” with ‘Only One’ being released through QR codes on drinks and “BoA ‘Shout it Out’ Windows Showcase in Berkshka” with her song ‘Shout It Out’.

BoA’s new album ‘Who’s Back?’ will be released September 3rd, consisting of her singles since ‘Woo Weekend’ and a couple new songs, ranging from pop, ballad, dance, R&B to EDM.