Natsume Mito Releases Multiple PVs for “Maegami Kirisugita”

On April 8, model Natsume Mito is set to make her music debut with the single “Maegami Kirisugita.” This single is written and produced by Yasutaka Nakata. This release will include the song “Colony”, which as previously reported, is the ending theme for the movie “Koisuru ♡ Vampire.” “Colony” is also the Gunosy CM song. Ahead of the single’s release, Natsume has released 3 music videos for “Maegami Kirisugita.” The “daruma version” revolves around a masked party of sorts in the forest. The “genchou version” has a lot of vivid imagery meant to resemble a hallucination. And the “hakusai version” brings to mind a children’s television show. Check out these videos along with the single’s cover and tracklist after the jump!

1. 前髪切りすぎた (Maegami Kirisugita)
2. コロニー (Colony)
3. きゃべつのやつの歌 (Kyabesyuno Yatsunouta)
4. 前髪切りすぎた (Maegami Kirisugita) (inst)
5. コロニー (Colony) (inst)
6. きゃべつのやつの歌 (Kyabesyuno Yatsunouta) (inst)


Maegami Kirisugita (Daruma Version)


Maegami Kirisugita (Genchou Version)


Maegami Kirisugita (Hakusai Version)