Mrs.GREEN APPLE announce the release of a Summer Single in June

Hot off the heels of the release of their first full album, promising pop-rock band Mrs.GREEN APPLE have revealed that a new summer single will be coming on June 15th.  Titled “Samama Festival!”, the CD will be released in two different versions, with the Limited variant set to include a DVD that contains footage from their “TWELVE TOUR” earlier this year.

In addition, the group will also be embarking on a short two-man tour titled “Mrs. TWOMAN TOUR ~Shoka to Ringo to Rock Band~” in mid-June.  These three shows will see Mrs.GREEN APPLE take the stage with fellow up-and-coming bands 04 Limited Sazabys (June 13th), Kyuse Nekokami (June 14th), and SAKANAMON (June 16th).

Read on below for a look at the cover and full track list for “Samama Festival!”, and keep an eye out for more information as the single’s release date draws closer.

-’Samama Festival!’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. Samama Festival!
  2. umbrella
  3. Nonisaku Uta
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. “Samama Festival!” Music Video
  2. “Samama Festival!” Music Video Making
  3. Aijou to Hokosaki (at AKASAKA BLITZ on 10th April, 2016)
  4. Kikori Dokei (at AKASAKA BLITZ on 10th April, 2016)
  5. Misukasazu (at AKASAKA BLITZ on 10th April, 2016)
  6. No.7 (at AKASAKA BLITZ on 10th April, 2016)
  7. Shoki no Uta (at AKASAKA BLITZ on 10th April, 2016)

(via natalie & Rockin’On Japan)