Domoto Tsuyoshi to release a new Mini-Album and Live DVD

Popular singer/songwriter Domoto Tsuyoshi, also known as half of pop duo KinKi Kids, has announced that he will be releasing both a new mini-album and a new live DVD/Blu-ray on June 8th.  The mini-album will be titled “Grateful Rebirth” and is set to be released in two different versions, each of which will have a slightly different track list.  Additionally, the two editions can be purchased together in a bundle which will include a towel as a special bonus.

The Live DVD/Blu-ray, titled “TSUYOSHI DOMOTO TU FUNK TUOR 2015”, will feature footage from the tour’s first day of performances at Osaka-jo Hall, where Tsuyoshi was backed by 20 different band members.  The release’s Limited Edition will include a Tour Documentary, while the Regular Edition will come packaged with a digest video of the invitation-only event “Otona no Shakaikakengaku Part 5”.

Please read on below for a look at the tracklistings for both releases and expect further details to be posted as they become available.

-’Grateful Rebirth ~Tokubetsu Yoshi-chan Edition~’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. T & U
  2. Break a bone funk
  3. Era Tamashii (Soul)
  4. Aru Sekai
  5. I’ve found my voice
  • DVD
  1. “Era Tamashii (Soul)” Live Music Clip in “TU FUNK ALL STARS CON!CER~TU” & Documentary

-’Grateful Rebirth ~Futsuu Yoshi Edition~’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Believe in intuition…
  2. T & U
  3. Paint it, fill it with love
  4. Aru Sekai
  5. Era Tamashii (Soul)
  6. Break a bone funk
  7. Be grateful


  • Disc 1
  2. Tu FUNK
  3. I gotta take you shamanippon
  4. Tenmei-san
  5. Clap Your Mind
  6. Chance Comes Knocking
  7. Blue Berry
  8. INTER
  10. EENEN
  11. INTER
  12. Ito no Tochi
  13. Jinrui no Koko
  14. Tamashii Cider
  15. Ai get Boudou Sekai!!!
  16. INTER
  17. Koi ni mo Ai ni mo Somaru You na Aka
  18. Heart Disc
  19. Kore Dake no Hi wo Mataide Kita no Dakara
  • Disc 2
  1. Akai Kodou no Heart
  2. Ima Anata to Ikiteru
  3. FUNK ga Shitainda Doshitemo

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