Mika Nakashima to Release First New Album in Over 3 Years

Mika Nakashima is currently celebrating her 20th anniversary! On October 7, she will release her new album, “JOKER.” This is her first album since March 2017’s “TOUGH.”

“JOKER” will feature 14 songs, including the previously released songs “Happy Life”, “A or B”, “KISS OF DEATH”, “SAI_REN”, and “Innocent Rouge.” The album will come in a limited edition and a regular edition, with the limited edition including a DVD of music videos and live clips, along with a photobook.

Mika recently released two music videos in support of “JOKER”, “Nocturne” and “Justice.” The video for “Justice” can be seen as the continuation of the one for “Nocturne.” Check them out below, along with more information on her new album!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



  1. ノクターン (Nocturne) 
  2. A or B
  3. KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE)
  4. Good Bye
  6. So What
  7. Justice 
  8. 無垢なるもの (Mukunaru Mono) (Marie starring MIKA NAKASHIMA)
  9. Happy Life (Mika Nakashima x Salyu)
  10. 彩恋~SAI_REN~ (Sairen~SAI_REN~)
  11. innocent
  12. ドミノ (Domino)
  13. 夜が明ける前に (Yo ga Akeru Mae ni)
  14. 虹が出たら君に逢いに (Niji ga Detara Kimi ni Ai ni)

Limited Edition DVD

Music Video

  1. A or B
  2. KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE)
  3. イノサンRouge <Marie Starring MIKA NAKASHIMA>
  4. ノクターン (Nocturne) 
  5. Justice 

Mika Nakashima Special Studio Live

  1. innocent
  2. KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE)
  3. ノクターン (Nocturne) 
  4. A or B