May Lilyq posts sampler for first full album ‘Trick or Sweet’

Electronic artist May Lilyq‘s first full album ‘Trick or Sweet‘ will be released August 6th. To promote it, she has uploaded a teaser with short snippets of each song.

May Lilyq emerged onto the scene fusing an eclectic variety of sounds like hip-hop, noise, and electronic dance music and has participated on compilation albums from Artlism.JP and Subenoana. A self described “sound creator,” she cites her influences as producer Prefuse 73, Matthew Herbert (who often makes music with everyday objects), and British duo Autechre.

Check out the preview for her album below.

‘Trick or Sweet’ Tracklisting

  2. Blue
  3. Sweets
  4. Look(TorS edit)
  5. Spectacle machine
  6. Tricky
  7. Excramation(!)
  8. Sleep and melody
  9. Sounds and xxx
  10. Tricky Remix by foodman
  11. Blue Remix by NOEL-KIT