m-flo to Release New Single in Celebration of Their 20th Anniversary

m-flo made their major label debut on July 7, 1999 with “the tripod e.p.” On July 3, the group will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut with a new single that pays homage to that release, “mortal portal e.p.”

The title comes from the idea that our world is connected to other dimensions via a hole, a “mortal portal.” This idea extends to the single’s artwork. The covers were shot on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano, the world’s most mysterious power spot, which is also home to the the world’s largest observatory complex, the Mauna Kea Observatories. The first press of “mortal portal e.p.” will feature an actual hole in the cover.

“mortal portal e.p.” will feature three songs, their instrumentals, their acappellas, and a remix of one of the songs. The first song is “EKTO”, described as a spiritual and heartbreaking love song. It’s also a tie-in for the “Hakken Hawaii” tourism campaign. Next is the spacey “STRSTRK”, which brings “tilt rap” to JPop. It’s followed by the previously-released “MARS DRIVE.” A remix of “EKTO” by 15 year old producer SASUKE is also included.

Ahead of the release of “mortal portal e.p.”, m-flo has released “STRSTRK” digitally along with its music video. Check out the video below, along with more information on both of these releases!

mortal portal e.p.


CD only


  1. EKTO
  4. EKTO -SASUKE Remix-
  5. EKTO -Instrumental-
  6. STRSTRK -Instrumental-
  7. MARS DRIVE -Instrumental-
  8. EKTO -Acappella-
  9. STRSTRK -Acappella-
  10. MARS DRIVE -Acappella-


  1. EKTO Music Video
  2. STRSTRK Music Video



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