First Listen: Utada Hikaru’s New Single “Michi” Premieres on the Radio

Utada Hikaru’s new single “Michi” has been sent for play on radio across Japan starting today, and will be released to iTunes on Friday.

Utada previously described this track as “danceable,” mentioning the lyrics candidly condense her journey since her hiatus; an affirmation that she is doing fine. The process of writing a song like this was “refreshing”, and from it you will see how much she has grown as a person since her last full-length Japanese album.

Check out a low quality radio recording of the song below from Twitter user Hirokichiiiii!

From September 16 to October 6, Utada’s promotional collaboration for Fantôme with Lumine Man in Shibuya will take place. Like the nearby Shibuya 109-2, Lumine Man targets fashion-conscious guys in their teens and twenties. But unlike 109-2, which is famous for its gyaru-o brands, Lumine Man focuses on streetwear and other urban menswear. Fifteen shops and a cafe-restaurant occupy the building’s three floors.

The first floor cafe will temporarily become the “Fantôme Cafe,” and will use original coasters and feature screenings of Fantôme music videos as well as new live videos. In addition, a lottery will be held to win an original Fantôme T-shirt. All customers with qualifying purchases of 5,000 yen or more will be entered to win.

Her first television appearance since ending her hiatus will take place on September 19 at Music Station UltraFest followed a special episode of SONGS on by September 22.

Utada Hikaru’s sixth full-length Japanese-language album Fantôme will be released September 28, 2016.