Kaela Kimura reveals visuals for new album PUNKY, exposes body in new video “BOX”

The short version of Kaela Kimura’s new music video “BOX” has been uploaded to Victor Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

The song has the message: “The heart isn’t a trash can you should cram with the unpleasant experiences of everyday life. It’s a treasure chest where you stow away happy memories.” Did she lie?

The MV is in accordance with this message with “heart” as its core theme. It includes a video representation of the heart and body actually based on CT scan data of Kaela herself.

Check it out below.

This new song serves as the tie-in song for Microsoft Surface Book’s current promotional activities in Japan.


Kaela is set to release her 9th album PUNKY on October 19, including the songs “Himawari” (theme song for movie “Birthday Card”), “EGG” (insert song for TV drama “37.5C’s Tear”), and more.