Kuchiroro and the band apart Unite for Mini Album “Mae e”

Electronic music group Kuchiroro and rock band the band apart have joined forces to form the unit “Kuchiroro feat. the band apart.” The fruit of this collaboration will be released in the form of the mini album “Mae e”, out October 12. “Mae e” features vocals not only from the band apart frontman Arai Takeshi, but from the other members of the band as well. One of these songs is “Shinwa Gugen”, which features vocals by the band’s bassist, Hara Masakazu. The video for this song has now been released. It’s simple setting of a tea house provides a nice contrast to the complexity of the song. Check it out below, along with more information on the mini album!

1. 板橋のジョン・メイヤー feat. 荒井岳史 (Itabashi no John Mayer feat. Arai Takeshi)
2. 前へ feat. Lil E a.k.a. 木暮栄一 (Mae e feat. Lil E a.k.a. Kogure Eiichi)
3. スニーカー feat. 川崎亘一 (Sneaker feat. Kawasaki Kouichi)
4. 神話具現 feat. 原昌和 (Shinwa Gugen feat. Hara Masakazu)
5. お前次第ってことさ feat. the band apart (Omae Shidaitte Koto sa feat. the band apart)
6. あいまい (Aimai)