KOHH to Release New Album “DIRT II”

On June 17, KOHH will release his new album, “DIRT II.” The album is split over 2 CDs. The first CD sees KOHH working with artists from around the world, including Japan, the US, France, South Korea, and Jamaica. The second CD is a collaboration between KOHH and producer MURASAKI BEATZ which sees them reworking some of KOHH’s previously released songs. The limited edition of the album will come with a DVD which contains music videos, live performances, and behind the scenes footage in Jamaica.

KOHH is also releasing 2 boxed limited editions of “DIRT II.” Type A, which is already sold out, is a numbered edition of 500, and contains 2CD+DVD+Book+Live & Gallery Ticket+Pendant Necklace. Type B contains 2CD+DVD+Book+Gallery Ticket+Button Badge.

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Regular and Limited Edition


1. Die Young
2. I Don’t Get It (feat. J $tash, Loota, Dutch Montana)
3. Business and Art
4. 暗い夜 (Kurai Yoru) (feat. Tommy Lee Sparta)
5. Born to Die
6. Needy Hoe (feat. Dutch Montana, Loota)
7. Hate Me

1. Dirt Boys II
2. Living Legend II
3. Mind Trippin’ II
4. V12 II
5. Tattoo入れたい II (Tattoo Iretai II)
6. ビッチのカバンは重い II (Bitch no Kaban wa Omoi II)
7. Hiroi Sekai II

Limited Edition DVD
1. Die Young (Music Video)
2. Business and Art (Music Video)
3. Dirt Boys II (Music Video)
4. Dirt Tour at F.A.D. Yokohama (Live)
5. Dirt Tour in Jammin’ Nagoya (Live)
6. Behind the Scene in Jamaica


Limited Edition Type A


Limited Edition Type B



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