Kobukuro to celebrate their 20th Anniversary with a Complete Best Album

Folk/pop duo Kobukuro are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary since their debut in the music industry.  As part of the festivities, the group have confirmed that they will be releasing both a new single on November 7th and their first Complete Best Album on December 5th.

The single, titled “Kaze wo Mitsumete,” will include both the A-side as well as a pair of B-side tracks.  Of note, the lead song has already been selected as both the image song for TV Tokyo’s 55th anniversary and the theme song of drama “Harassment Game.”

The compilation, meanwhile, will be titled “ALL TIME BEST 1998-2018” and is set to include four discs containing 58 tracks which span the pair’s entire career, from their early days as street musicians to the current era.  This record will be released in three versions:  a regular CD-Only Edition; a Limited Edition which will come packaged with a DVD containing both 120 minutes of carefully curated live footage selected by Kobukuro themselves; and a Fan-Club Edition which will package a History DVD and 60-page History book along with the “20th Memorial Set,” which includes a denim Marche Bag, a rubber key chain, and a memorial pass that, when presented at live events, will entitle the holder to an additional over-the-shoulder bag.

As an additional part of the celebration, the pair have also released a special digital single titled “Harebare” which is meant to serve as the group’s theme song for the year.  They recently published the PV for the track, which features a supercut of their live footage from over the years, to their YouTube channel.

You’ll find the music video for “Harebare,” as well as the complete track list for both “Kaze wo Mitsumete” and “ALL TIME BEST 1998-2018” right after the jump.

-’Kaze wo Mitsumete’ Track List-

  1. Kaze wo Mitsumete
  2. Natsu no Shizuku
  3. Shirayuki
  4. Kaze wo Mitsumete (Instrumental)
  5. Natsu no Shizuku (Instrumental)
  6. Shirayuki (Instrumental)

-’ALL TIME BEST 1998-2018’ Track List-

  • Disc 1
  1. Sakura
  2. Akai Ito
  3. Taiyou
  4. Wadachi -Street stroke-
  5. DOOR ~The knock again~
  6. Bell
  7. Kokoro no Hane
  8. YELL
  9. miss you
  10. Hikari
  11. ANSWER
  12. YOU
  13. Kaze
  14. Negai no Uta
  • Disc 2
  1. Yuki no Furanai Machi
  2. Aisuru Hito yo
  3. Takarajima
  4. blue blue
  5. Tegami
  6. Eien ni Tomo ni
  7. Million Films
  8. Koko ni Shika Sakanai Hana
  9. Anata e to Tsuzuku Michi
  10. Kimi to Iu Na no Tsubasa
  11. Kazamidori
  12. Tsubomi
  14. Aoku Yasashiku
  • Disc 3
  1. Toki no Ashioto
  2. Niji
  3. STAY
  4. To calling of love
  5. Ryuusei
  6. Blue Bird
  7. Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsuzukeru You ni
  8. Mitsubachi
  9. Kami Hikouki
  10. One Song From Two Hearts
  11. Diamond
  12. Ima, Sakihokoru Hanatachi yo
  13. Hidamari no Michi
  14. Twilight
  15. 42.195km
  • Disc 4
  1. Kiseki
  2. hana
  3. Mirai
  5. STAGE
  6. Kokoro
  7. Baton
  8. Kimi ni Nare
  10. Harebare
  11. Kaze wo Mitsumete
  12. Mokuren no Namida (Chikuzen Sato with Kobukuro)
  13. WINDING ROAD (ayaka×Kobukuro)
  14. Taiyou no Melody (Miki Imai×Kentarou Kobuchi with Tomoyasu Hotei×Shunsuke Kuroda)
  15. Sakura -1st demo tape-
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Epilogue (from LIVE TOUR ’04 “MUSIC MAN SHIP” FINAL)
  3. Yume Uta (from LIVE TOUR ’04 “MUSIC MAN SHIP” FINAL)
  4. Starting Line (from KOBUKURO LIVE at Budokan NAMELESS WORLD)
  5. Sakura (from KOBUKURO LIVE at Budokan NAMELESS WORLD)
  6. Koko ni Shika Sakanai Hana (from LIVE TOUR ’06 “Way Back to Tomorrow” FINAL)
  7. Tsubomi (from LIVE TOUR ’08 “5296” FINAL)
  8. Donna Sora demo (from LIVE TOUR ’08 “5296” FINAL)
  10. Kokoro no Hane (from “Free Live” FAN’S MADE LIVE)
  11. Monochrome (from KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2013 “One Song From Two Hearts” FINAL at Kyocera Dome)
  12. Kimi e no Shudaika (from KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2014 “Hidamari no Michi” FINAL at Kyocera Dome)
  13. Tooku de.. (from KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2015 “Kiseki” FINAL at Nippon Gaishi Hall)
  14. Onaji Mado kara Miteta Sora (from KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2016 “TIMELESS WORLD” at Saitama Super Arena)
  15. Naze, Tabi wo Suru no Darou (from KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2016 “TIMELESS WORLD” at Saitama Super Arena)
  16. Mirai (from KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2016 “TIMELESS WORLD” at Saitama Super Arena)
  17. Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsuzukeru You ni (from KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2011 “Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsuzukeru You ni” at Osakajo Hall) -Bonus Track-

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