RADWIMPS to release a new Studio Album & Live DVD/Blu-ray in December

Following up on a pair of singles released earlier this year, popular rock band RADWIMPS have announced that they will be releasing a new full-length album on December 12th.  Though no information about its track list has been confirmed, it is likely that the record will include the group’s previously released songs “Saihate Ai ni,” “Sennou,” and “Catharsist.”  The album’s Limited Edition will include a DVD featuring interviews with the band’s members which will endeavor to bridge the gap between “Kimi no Na wa.,” “Ningen Kaika,” and this latest record.

In addition, the band will also be releasing a new Live DVD/Blu-ray on the same date.  The release will contain footage from the Yokohama Arena show of the group’s recent “Road to Catharsis” tour.

You’ll find the full track list for this live DVD/Blu-ray below, and look forward to any additional information about both releases as it is revealed.

-’RADWIMPS Live DVD/Blu-ray 2018’ Track List-

  2. One man live
  3. Masu.
  4. Futarigoto
  5. Enren
  6. Oreshoku Sky
  7. Yadokari
  8. Yayu
  9. Sparkle
  10. Oshakashama
  11. Catharsist
  12. Sennou
  13. Shuukan Shounen Jump
  15. Toremoro
  16. Iin Desu ka?
  17. Kimi to Hitsuji to Ao
  18. Bou Ningen
  19. DADA

(via natalie)