Keyakizaka46 tops Oricon & Billboard with “Kuroi Hitsuji”, selling over 770k units

Last week girl group Keyakizaka46 released their 8th single “Kuroi Hitsuji“. Oricon has reported that the single has sold an impressive 771, 135 units.

Billboard Japan reported a slightly lower number at 745,566, but the single easily topped the digital charts on billboard widely securing it’s spot at the top of the Hot 100 Chart.

The theme and overall concept for “Kuroi Hitsuji” is quite dark when compared to the usual idol fare. In the MV various members deal with a large amount of issues facing society today. These issues include death, bullying, depression, police corruption, pressure/anxiety in the workforce, and sexual harassment. Between all this it features the girls doing their signature “erratic” choreography style. Check out the full MV below

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to the groups 3rd anniversary concert. It will take place from April 4th to April 6th at the Osaka Festival Hall. Fans unable to get tickets will be able to watch a live screening of the April 6th concert at more than 100 movie theaters across Japan.